Handmade Leather Overnight Duffle Bag

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Leather Native has been handcrafting all sorts of bags for years, and we believe in our craftsmen’s’ expertise and prowess in this industry. You can buy our leather duffel bags with optimum confidence that they won’t lose their shape, color, or performance. When it comes to your travel and storage needs, we do not leave a single stone unturned. That is why we believe that our overnight laptop bags are every man’s and woman’s dream accessory.

Pioneering and Distinct Design

Our leather travel bags have four straps to make carrying luggage easier. The pair of shoulder straps are for when your wrists are tired or if your baggage is too heavy for one person to carry. We also use brass buckles on the side pockets that use an easy-to-open mechanism. Our top-quality duffel bags have one large compartment and three sub-compartments for laptops, clothes, shoes, and other devices. The side pockets, on the other hand, help you keep your personal belongings, earphones, pens, and many items safely.

Chemical-Free Tanned Goat Leather

We care about your health and the environment, and that is why we use tanning techniques that have zero toxins and chemicals. Our crossbody bags are 100% goat leather, cured with special oils to give it an excellent coating and water-resistant benefits.


Say hello to your new and upgraded travel companion. Whether you are going for a rustic or contemporary look, this bag never disappoints! Use our duffel bag brown as a gym or sports bag, weekend bag, overnight bag, carry-on luggage bag, camp duffle, airplane duffle, travel bag, or laptop bag.

Invest in Our Top-Quality Leather Duffel Bags and Experience Care-free and Effortless Travels!

Measurements: [24" (L), 9.5" (H), 7.5" (D)]

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