NEW Men's Genuine Vintage Brown Briefcase

$44.99 $69.99

A Men's Genuine Vintage Brown Briefcase that gives classical design with functional requirements of modern life. The designs we select are the classical suits of accessories, It's fitting for any event or setting, and never going out of style. It can go from the university classroom to the board of directors meeting, carrying an attitude of seriousness all the way.

The Leather Bag has a carry handle with a soft grip for easy carrying in hand. Comfortable gaping frame opening that keeps shape and allows comfortable access. Multiple pockets outside and inside to make your belongings. An outside zip pocket right at your side; for things you want to keep close for safety, but have easy access to while on the go. It's suitable for A4 documents and folders.


  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Item Type: Briefcases
  • Main Material: Genuine Leather

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