Leather 2-in-1 Rucksack and Courier Bag

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Loads of Applications

We let our top-quality and multi-functional vegan leather backpacks speak for themselves. The tan leather bag is appropriate for many occasions without making you feel out of place. Rock it to school or college, business trips and meetings, gym, outdoor recreation, family getaways, vacation, or simply for casual uses. We can all agree that a versatile and durable bag saves us a lot of money and trouble. So why not invest in our premium leather rucksacks?

Compact but Space-Sufficient

Let us help you discover the solution to carrying one too many bags as you travel or attend classes. Our college backpack leather purse has three compartments, two pockets at the front, and an extra pocket on each side. This space is more than enough for your books, laptop, iPad, work files, and other items like your phone, charge, makeup – you name it! With this vegan travel bag, you will no longer have to stress yourself with two or more rucksacks on a short trip.

Water-Resistant Bookbag

Our small brown backpack for men and women is made using sturdy and waterproof leather material that not only softens but deepens with age. Thanks to our non-toxic and chemical-free tanning process, you can now enjoy bags that are water-resistant, artistic, and environment-friendly. We also use special natural oils that make the leather bags acquire an even and well-blended brown color.

Exquisite Design for All Ages and Genders

It is quite difficult to spot a fashionable bag that is unisex and suitable for kids, teens, and adults. That is what makes our backpacks so special. They are the perfect gift for friends and family, as they help you send a lot of love and show appreciation to the recipient.

Measurements: [11" (L), 15" (H), 5" (D)]


    Customer Reviews

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    Maureen M.

    The rucksack itself is ok but it's not as big as I thought it would be so I can't fit everything that I can fit in my backpack. I tried to return it but absolutely nobody replied to my numerous emails (6 to be exact). Do not buy this unless you are 1000000% sure it's what you want because you won't be able to return it.

    carson d.

    Excellent quality, seems durable. I've received a ton of compliments. Hope to have it for years to come. I like the smell of leather so be prepared for about a week to smell it pretty strong.

    bright a.

    This is the best bag I have ever owned! I get so many compliments on it. The leather is breaking in nicely! I love the different options I have for carrying this bag also! I have carried it so much and it does hold a lot of weight, the strap did stretch out and the seller sent me a new one, hopefully they will offer to sell straps separately because I hope to have this bag for a long time!

    darrius w.

    I was skeptical when this arrived as it was very stiff and rigid, however after using it for some time it really loosened up and even changed color slightly to a deep rich cherry brown color. This bag works great for traveling - I carried it with me throughout Europe for two months and found it to be very durable, water resistant under rain, and safe due to the way the pockets are fastened. The deep zipper pocket is great for passports, wallets, etc. I also appreciate how it can be carried as either a backpack or a side bag. Love it!

    minnie p.

    I was searching for a bag that would be handmade in India and, not in the USA, I know this is a counter-productive statement, being an American but, I am also a world traveler and, I believe that there are other countries who create beautiful, wearable, art. This bag is made in India; traveled through United Arab Emirates and the UK before reaching the USA and, all within a few days. Sadly, it was too large for my use and so, I had worked with the seller to have the opportunity to return it and, it was not a trip to go back to India but instead, to NYC! I was fully refunded unlike some other sellers where you are credited minus shipping charges. The bags are well made, have a wonderful leather aroma and if it were a bit smaller, I would have kept it. To this day, the seller reaches out to me to ensure that I received my requested refund and humbly thanked me for my "seller" review. Thank you again and, I encourage anyone to give this seller's items a go!

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