Women's Handmade Leather Boho-Gypsy Purse

$54.99 $79.99

Women's Handmade Leather Boho-Gypsy Purse designed with high-end goat leather material and featuring a fashionable and durable frame, our vintage cross body purse will become your essential companion in your day-to-day life. It may not be the biggest or bulkiest handbag in the world, but it features more than enough space for your belongings.

Handmade Leather Boho-Gypsy Purse elegant design and compact, lightweight frame make it perfect for women of all ages. More than enough space for all your items enjoy comfort and practicality without sacrificing your flawless style in the process. Leather Boho-Gypsy Purse a chemical-free saddlebag purse that is kinder to the environment than traditional manufacturing methods.


  • Department: Women's
  • Materials: Leather

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