Leather Native 2 Side Pouch Brown Leather Motorcycle Side Pouch

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Every man, woman, kid, or adult deserves a chic touring bag that is sturdy and matches their every look. Fortunately, the team at Leather Native understands the importance of quality and seamless-detail when it comes to pouches. Our saddlebags have distinct features that make them unique and of higher standards as compared to most bags online. If you are searching for a bag set that can store personal belongings on a long ride or trip, we got your back!

Your Trendy Solution to Motorbiking

These Brown Side Pouches will solve all your commuting worries. They have a classic and sturdy frame that does not tear or fade. The lightweight panniers have a stylish appearance, and we guarantee heads will turn whenever you carry them. Our bags have full-grain leather material and a brass roller buckle closure, making them every biker's must-have!

Highly-Resilient and Tanned Goat Leather

We use goat leather to design our side pouches because of its sturdiness and resilience. Additionally, our tanning process is chemical-free and eco-friendly to make them safe for you and the environment. The special oils give the brown leather water-proof benefits and ensure it softens and gets a deeper color as it ages. Our motorcycle saddlebags retain their shape and are ideal for lots of bike models.

More Than Enough Storage Space

It is so irritating when you are on the go but can’t store all the belongings you need for your commute. To sort this issue, we include two saddlebags. They have enough space for your raincoat, gloves, glasses, smartphone, tablet, charger, headsets, wallet, and other personal items. The quick-release buckles guarantee that all objects are safely stored and do not fall off even on the toughest of terrains.

Wait no More! Grab Your Pair of Motorcycle Side Pouches now and Easily Plan Your Day-to-Day Outings!

Measurements: [11" (L), 15" (H), 5" (D)]


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    hillary l.

    Absolutely love these bags! Quality leather, ample size, several pockets with buckle closures outside and a large zippered section inside as well as 2 large open compartments. Easily mount to my bike with no additional hardware needed. These bags are the perfect style to complement the classic look of my motorcycle. Received them in 12 days from order date even though I never got any actual shipping information.

    mcdanie l.

    These bags are well made. Yah I was hoping they were going to be bigger but they look good and seem that they are made of real leather. You can probably fit a pair of gloves, a balaclava, and your registration and insurance paperwork in it (which I did). Nothing bigger than a tennis shoe though. Very minimalist on a motorcycle so no loading any big groceries in it unless it's a small bottle of water and a can of Spam. They would fit on a bicycle perfectly though. Depending on what you want them for, they may be good for you. But, I'd get the next size up which I'll probably do sometime in the near future.

    I haven't rode with them on my motorcycle yet but, I don't see that there will be any issues. Again, these bags are nicely made and would recommend them if you only needed to carry small stuff like a can of Spam. Yummy.

    malik b.

    I am extremely pleased with the quality of these bags. I purchased them for my 2006 Triumph Bonneville. I get compliments on them just about every time I ride. I wasn't sure how they'd fit when I ordered them, but I had no problem strapping them to the frame underneath the seat. Great leather and canvas lining. I've found the leather to be darkening as time goes on, which makes them look even better. They can hold a surprising amount too - I keep a 1.5 liter Primus bottle of gas in each one and there's still room for plenty else (a water bottle, wallet, phone, and maybe an item or two of clothing). As pictured, they were basically empty, and they've gotten darker since.

    daboy k.

    Great looking bags, fast delivery, easy mount!

    dontab r.

    Very quick delivery to Canada. Bags looks really good on my Royal Enfield classic 500. Nicely crafted in India from goats skin.

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