Men's Genuine Vintage Brown Leather Laptop Bag

$74.99 $109.99

Our laptop-tote bags will help you feel more confident and elevate your mood for business or pleasure. We believe in providing all our esteemed customers with leather bags that are resistant to damage and can last you longer than most brands. If you are not convinced, just have a look at our premium features - you will have zero doubts as to why Leather Native is the best for you!


The material used during the crafting process dictates the quality of the product. Our crossbody purses are 100% gat leather on the exterior and soft suede in the interior. Both materials are water-proof and scratch-resistant, giving you a leather bag that you can use for years. We tan the leather with chemical-free techniques and make use of natural oils for an excellent patina.


These purses for women are compact and lightweight but have enough storage space for all your items as you go on a date, picnic, shopping, or business trip. With the large capacity, these vintage leather tote bags will be your favorite companion for daily errands. Leather Native crossbody bags may not be as large or heavy, but we guarantee they will serve all the intended purposes without failure.


Aside from owning a stylish and chic bag, you need it to be efficient and practical. Our saddlebag is perfect for many uses. First and foremost, every working lady will find this brown leather bag amazing for carrying laptops, smartphones, documents, and files. Moreover, it is ideal for vacations, dates, school, and any casual activities.

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Measurements: [15" (L), 11" (H), 5" (D)]


    Customer Reviews

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    Maria C.

    Paid for my bag and didn't get it. After several e-mails trying to contact the brand to, at least, get my money back, I didn't receive any replies.

    Terrible scam.

    stone t.

    This bag is extra large, but I am loving it for a purse! The leather is already softening up even after just one day. I can carry my laptop if I need to, plus everything else in my purse. This is my 3rd bag from this seller. I love them. A little padding in the bottom would be a suggestion, but I’m not complaining. I can use this on the plane as well. Will definitely order again from Leather Native!

    jamez h.

    I received this for Christmas and had a issue with the handle after limited use.
    Was very disappointed because the look and functionality of briefcase is exactly what I was looking for.
    Got nothing but compliments and comments on how appealing this bag is.
    The manufactured did reach back and has supported and resolved the issue.
    I could not be more pleased with the bag ...but more impressive is the service I received.
    Highly recommend !!

    davis t.

    I really like the bag. It fits a 2015 15 inch macbook pro and all my other stuff. I am pleased with the amount of storage. If I were to make one recommendation it would be to secure the belt straps better they work great I just worry about how much of a weight load they can handle.

    goodbar b.

    Wow, the leather is so soft and made so well. I bought it for my daughter, and it is something she will be able to keep for many many years. She loves it and I am so happy I found it here to buy! Definitely would buy again!!

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